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Moving Tips To Reduce Stress When You Move

Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2015 in Tips

Lifehacker in this very helpful Guide For Moving To A New Place says that “moving sucks” but I want to entirely disagree!

moving-tipsFor me, moving is almost always a very positive thing.

There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new home and then to decide about where to put your furniture, exploring your new neighborhoods or constantly being reminded that your new place is so much better and nicer than the one you had previously.

Moving really only “sucks” if you do it ill-prepared.

Even if you do the majority of moving work yourself, if you take your time and spread it out or invite some friends it can actually be an entertaining and exciting thing to do and of course it will be much less work than doing everything on your own.

My friend Jeff from Removals Bristol gave me the tip to always ask the removal firms what type of packages they offer.

He said “Ask the movers ahead whether they have an “all-in-one” package which normally includes the packing, packing materials and the actual transport and how much it will be if you do the packaging instead. Know that if you do the packing you have to add the costs for materials such as cardboard boxes and wrapping paper! Then, sit down and calculate how much you would save if you pack yourself as compared to if the firm does all this for you.”

The reason Jeff gave me this tip is that the price differences there can be significant. So if you research a bunch of movers several weeks ahead of your move it can be a very good idea!

Last but not least, never let a move stress you out. The better you plan and the more time you take for the move, the higher the chances everything will go smoothly!

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Dry Riser Testing?

Posted by admin on Jun 30, 2015 in Tips

Maybe you don’t know what dry riser testing is. But if you own a business, more so if you should own a commercial building it’s likely you will come across the issue of dry riser testing at some point.

dry riser- inletLet me explain. In the UK, fire standards and safety regulations are fortunately rather strict.

Among those regulations for increased fire safety is the requirement that commercial buildings that exceed a certain height are equipped with what’s called a dry riser system.

A dry riser system, simply spoken is a system of pipes,  inlets and outlets that allows the fire brigade to connect a water hose to distribute water all throughout a building in the case of a fire.

However, just having a dry riser system installed is not all there is to it. What important is that those systems also need to be tested for proper function in regular intervals. And this is exactly what dry riser testing is about. (Think about it, what use would such a system have if it would fail in the event of a fire because it hadn’t been maintained properly?)

Obviously, it needs specialists to perform this type of testing. This is not something the average person or the business owner can do for themselves. So what this means is that the owner of a commercial building will have to get in touch with fire safety experts who can do the dry riser testing. Most of the time, it may even be the same company that is installing the system respectively they can give you the information who in your area can do the testing.

On a related note, fire safety in the UK must really be taken seriously if you happen to be a business owner. If your business fails to adhere to those regulations it can mean steep fines. In severe cases you could even lose your business license. So if you’re a business owner it can be a good idea if you make yourself familiar with your local fire regulations.

This Wikipedia page can be a good start if you want to learn about dry riser systems and how they work.

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Have You Ever Seen the Singing Waiters?

Posted by admin on May 20, 2015 in Entertainment, Tips

Chances are, if you have been to a wedding reception in the last few years you might have seen some of those guys who do what’s known as “surprise entertainment”. The Singing Waiters are probably the most known ones, at least here in the United Kingdom.

“Surprise entertainment” normally means that performers such as musicians or dancers would appear at a party unannounced,  most of the time they are actually dressed as waiters and no one knows that they are present. So every time when they start their show this is always big fun and a huge surprise for all the guests. (Obviously no one expects the waiters to start singing and dancing… and quite exceptionally I’d like to add!!)

This is actually where The Singing Waiters are different compared to some other surprise entertainers. The singing waiters all come from renowned music schools in the UK – this means world-class entertainment!

Yes, the singing waiters can perform the latest hits but they can also sing classical operah pieces! It really depends on the setting of your reception and whether you would like it classy or just for fun. Because they are trained and are  professional singers and dancers, the singing waiters are especially high demand for events such as for corporate entertainment or when folks are looking for something really special for a wedding or party.

The other thing the singing waiters can do is flash mobs. Flash mobs are also surprise entertainment but they are often done in public, a lot of times actually with many performers! Flash mobs are great for if you really want to draw attention and look for some cool way to do PR, say for your company or organisation. There are also great if you want to really surprise someone at a place where they don’t expect that all – that’s why flash mobs are the best thing for occasions like wedding proposals!

So are so, whether it’s for a wedding or a proposal, the singing waiters will make such an event unforgettable for anyone. I can recommend that you contact them early if you want them because they might be booked out otherwise.


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China Wants To Get Into Horse Racing And Guess Who Is Gonna Help

Posted by admin on Oct 2, 2014 in News
The Launch Of The China Jockey Club

The Launch Of The China Jockey Club Last Monday

The Chinese hired Peter Phillips, the Queen’s eldest grandchild to launch a horse racing industry that is supposed to rival the UK’s. Just this past week, Mr Phillips flew to Beijing for the official unveiling of the new China Jockey Club. The China Jockey Club will be the center point for China’s new and upcoming racing industry.

Many may perhaps laugh at the idea that China’s horse racing industry would be successful but those didn’t consider that it has the backing of the Chinese government.

The importance of the horse racing venture to the Chinese authorities was highlighted last Monday at a formal ceremony in the Chinese capital.

Industry insiders predict that the potential profits from the China Jockey Club could be enormous. Currently, horse racing in China is limited to a handful of meetings a year. Most of the tracks in China’s are still decrepit with only a few spectators for each race. Reason for that is the current ban of gambling by the Chinese government.

With the new China Jockey Club now backed by the  Chinese government, horse racing in China may well take off and draw millions of visitors and millions in profit. You can learn more about horse racing betting at the UK’s top website for horse racing tips.

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On Ergonomics: More Than Just Comfort For Your Home or Office

Posted by admin on Sep 5, 2014 in Furniture, Tips

Ergonomic furniture, whether it is modern ergonomic office furniture or cozy furniture for your own home is much more than furniture that is simply more comfortable. If you look at Wikipedia, in their definition of ergonomics it says “ergonomics is the practice of designing products, systems or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people that use them.”

ergonomic furnitureIn other words, ergonomic furniture can also help us to work easier and more efficiently but of course this is only one benefit of it.

The other major benefit of ergonomic furniture is that it can actively support our health and well-being.

Since this type of furniture such as ergonomic chairs or ergonomic office desks are designed so that we can work more comfortably with less strain on our bodies, it means that many health issues that would otherwise result from constant strain or bad posture can be avoided.

Ergonomic furniture helps to prevent common issues that people may experience including but not limited to back pains, wrist pains, eyestrain and many more such health problems.

In simple speak, ergonomic furniture is healthier!  With more comfort and less bodily strains by using ergonomic and more comfortable chairs and desks comes also higher productivity and efficiency. Obviously, someone who is hurting while at work cannot be as productive and motivated as someone who doesn’t experience all those problems. A non-ergonomic workplace may make it impossible to work for extended hours, it may also be the reason for health problems such as fatigue, migraines or the inability to concentrate.

If you happen to be a business owner you should consider whether investing in modern and comfortable ergonomic chairs and desks would be worth it. This type of furniture will benefit you and your employees alike. Of course you can and should also look into whether you can replace the one or the other chair in your own home for a more comfortable one. This can be in particular important if you spend lengthy hours in front of a personal computer or TV. Sometimes it is rather simple things that can make a huge difference and available ergonomic furniture is sure among them.


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Feng Shui Tips For Boats, Ships & Yachts

Posted by admin on Jul 30, 2014 in Tips

fengshui-coinsThe Form School is a well known school of Feng Shui. This philosophy deals with the energy in a space and how it can be improved by intentional selection and assignment of furniture.

The Form School works not only for homes but can also be applied when it comes to the design for boats and yachts.

Over at The Huffington Post I found some good Feng Shui tips for Yachts and Boats.

There you can learn anything about good Feng Shui for your boat, from proper door alignment to balancing the abundance of water energy that you will find on any boat.

You can also learn about how to design and re-design your boat with suitable accessories. Often, it’s only small things you have to do to balance the energies in your yacht such as placing Chinese coins at spiral cases or spicing things up by placing fresh, red flowers.


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