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One Of The Best (If Not THE Best) Gyms In London

Posted by admin on Oct 27, 2020 in Entertainment, News

hackney-gym-londonMaybe I am not really the best “fitness expert” to ask as I can only talk from my own, personal experience.

On the other hand, I believe that I have at least some experience when it comes to gyms in London since a must have joined and tried at least a dozen or so in the last some years.

First off, let me just give a big thumbs down to all the big name fitness centres in the city.

If you’re like me, maybe you like smaller independently owned gyms much better: People are A LOT friendlier, stuff is super-helpful and it’s just overall a much more fun experience if you avoid the “big names” out there.

The guys at Hackney’s London Fields Fitness really want to make you fitter AND the world a better place. They recycle, use LED bulbs, biodegradable rubbish bags, recycled TP and environmentally friendly cleaning products and hand soaps etc. The electricity used at the studio comes from 100% renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar via Good Energy.

So, if you can’t tell, this is definitely a very “different” gym.

One other thing where London Fields is different is that they don’t do memberships, contracts and there are no joining fees. What they offer is a simple and straight-forward drop-in and PAYG studio for fitness classes, indoor cycling and personal training. But there, they offer A TON!!

They have all kinds of classes from dancing to yoga to martial arts, to pilates and 30 minute workouts and that’s just from what I can recall. And the best, you can simply hire a personal trainer as you need one.

Differently spoken: With a “normal” gym, you get a membership and a pass that allows you to use their equipment. Nothing else. Help needed? Much luck with that!

In their studio at London Fields, you can get in shape with real people in a class where there is a trainer, or you can even get your own trainer if you want. No guess what will be much (MUCH!) better if you want to get fit and in shape!? Yes that’s right. And this is why I think that this Hackney Gym is really one of the best gyms in London!

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How CBT Therapy Can Help Overcome Mental Disorders

Posted by admin on Mar 25, 2019 in News, Tips

CBT-1Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT therapy for short is a relatively new type of psychotherapy.

What sets it apart is that CBT therapy is not too much interested in uncovering the roots of mental disorders such as depression, shyness, panic disorder or anxiety such as is the case in traditional psychotherapy but uses a direct and goal oriented approach that focuses on problem-solving.

In other words, cognitive behavioural therapy is all about helping the patient overcome their problems.

For people that happen to reside in the United Kingdom,  want to get help with their problems, one way to go about getting into CBT therapy is via the National Health Service. In such cases, the NHS will usually assign a particular therapist to the patient. This however can have the role disadvantages.

First, the patients cannot choose between a therapist but this rather dependent on which one he is being assigned by the NHS. Secondly, the patient will in all likelihood also not have any liberty in regards to when to attend the therapy sessions since he or she will likely be required to stick to set hours. This can be a problem is someone wants to fit in their therapy sessions within their daily routine.

Due to the limitations from getting a CBT therapist through the public health system in the UK, it can be a much better option to consult with a private CBT therapist. A private CBT therapist can much better accumulate to the schedule of the patient. What’s more, the patients can also select among many CBT therapist can then choose the one they personally prefer.

Lastly, there are often no guarantees in regards to the qualifications of a public CBT therapist. Private CBT therapists are more likely certified, that the patient knows they can get the qualified help they are seeking.

If you want to see CBT therapists in London, there are several options. You can find one by going through the yellow books or doing some research on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before you choose your CBT therapist.


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Moving Tips To Reduce Stress When You Move

Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2015 in Tips

Lifehacker in this very helpful Guide For Moving To A New Place says that “moving sucks” but I want to entirely disagree!

moving-tipsFor me, moving is almost always a very positive thing.

There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new home and then to decide about where to put your furniture, exploring your new neighborhoods or constantly being reminded that your new place is so much better and nicer than the one you had previously.

Moving really only “sucks” if you do it ill-prepared.

Even if you do the majority of moving work yourself, if you take your time and spread it out or invite some friends it can actually be an entertaining and exciting thing to do and of course it will be much less work than doing everything on your own.

My friend Jeff from Removals Bristol gave me the tip to always ask the removal firms what type of packages they offer.

He said “Ask the movers ahead whether they have an “all-in-one” package which normally includes the packing, packing materials and the actual transport and how much it will be if you do the packaging instead. Know that if you do the packing you have to add the costs for materials such as cardboard boxes and wrapping paper! Then, sit down and calculate how much you would save if you pack yourself as compared to if the firm does all this for you.”

The reason Jeff gave me this tip is that the price differences there can be significant. So if you research a bunch of movers several weeks ahead of your move it can be a very good idea!

Last but not least, never let a move stress you out. The better you plan and the more time you take for the move, the higher the chances everything will go smoothly!

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Have You Ever Seen the Singing Waiters?

Posted by admin on May 20, 2015 in Entertainment, Tips

Chances are, if you have been to a wedding reception in the last few years you might have seen some of those guys who do what’s known as “surprise entertainment”. The Singing Waiters are probably the most known ones, at least here in the United Kingdom.

“Surprise entertainment” normally means that performers such as musicians or dancers would appear at a party unannounced,  most of the time they are actually dressed as waiters and no one knows that they are present. So every time when they start their show this is always big fun and a huge surprise for all the guests. (Obviously no one expects the waiters to start singing and dancing… and quite exceptionally I’d like to add!!)

This is actually where The Singing Waiters are different compared to some other surprise entertainers. The singing waiters all come from renowned music schools in the UK – this means world-class entertainment!

Yes, the singing waiters can perform the latest hits but they can also sing classical operah pieces! It really depends on the setting of your reception and whether you would like it classy or just for fun. Because they are trained and are  professional singers and dancers, the singing waiters are especially high demand for events such as for corporate entertainment or when folks are looking for something really special for a wedding or party.

The other thing the singing waiters can do is flash mobs. Flash mobs are also surprise entertainment but they are often done in public, a lot of times actually with many performers! Flash mobs are great for if you really want to draw attention and look for some cool way to do PR, say for your company or organisation. There are also great if you want to really surprise someone at a place where they don’t expect that all – that’s why flash mobs are the best thing for occasions like wedding proposals!

So are so, whether it’s for a wedding or a proposal, the singing waiters will make such an event unforgettable for anyone. I can recommend that you contact them early if you want them because they might be booked out otherwise.


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China Wants To Get Into Horse Racing And Guess Who Is Gonna Help

Posted by admin on Oct 2, 2014 in News
The Launch Of The China Jockey Club

The Launch Of The China Jockey Club Last Monday

The Chinese hired Peter Phillips, the Queen’s eldest grandchild to launch a horse racing industry that is supposed to rival the UK’s. Just this past week, Mr Phillips flew to Beijing for the official unveiling of the new China Jockey Club. The China Jockey Club will be the center point for China’s new and upcoming racing industry.

Many may perhaps laugh at the idea that China’s horse racing industry would be successful but those didn’t consider that it has the backing of the Chinese government.

The importance of the horse racing venture to the Chinese authorities was highlighted last Monday at a formal ceremony in the Chinese capital.

Industry insiders predict that the potential profits from the China Jockey Club could be enormous. Currently, horse racing in China is limited to a handful of meetings a year. Most of the tracks in China’s are still decrepit with only a few spectators for each race. Reason for that is the current ban of gambling by the Chinese government.

With the new China Jockey Club now backed by the  Chinese government, horse racing in China may well take off and draw millions of visitors and millions in profit. You can learn more about horse racing betting at the UK’s top website for horse racing tips.

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Feng Shui Tips For Boats, Ships & Yachts

Posted by admin on Jul 30, 2014 in Tips

fengshui-coinsThe Form School is a well known school of Feng Shui. This philosophy deals with the energy in a space and how it can be improved by intentional selection and assignment of furniture.

The Form School works not only for homes but can also be applied when it comes to the design for boats and yachts.

Over at The Huffington Post I found some good Feng Shui tips for Yachts and Boats.

There you can learn anything about good Feng Shui for your boat, from proper door alignment to balancing the abundance of water energy that you will find on any boat.

You can also learn about how to design and re-design your boat with suitable accessories. Often, it’s only small things you have to do to balance the energies in your yacht such as placing Chinese coins at spiral cases or spicing things up by placing fresh, red flowers.


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