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How CBT Therapy Can Help Overcome Mental Disorders

Posted by admin on Mar 25, 2019 in News, Tips

CBT-1Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT therapy for short is a relatively new type of psychotherapy.

What sets it apart is that CBT therapy is not too much interested in uncovering the roots of mental disorders such as depression, shyness, panic disorder or anxiety such as is the case in traditional psychotherapy but uses a direct and goal oriented approach that focuses on problem-solving.

In other words, cognitive behavioural therapy is all about helping the patient overcome their problems.

For people that happen to reside in the United Kingdom,  want to get help with their problems, one way to go about getting into CBT therapy is via the National Health Service. In such cases, the NHS will usually assign a particular therapist to the patient. This however can have the role disadvantages.

First, the patients cannot choose between a therapist but this rather dependent on which one he is being assigned by the NHS. Secondly, the patient will in all likelihood also not have any liberty in regards to when to attend the therapy sessions since he or she will likely be required to stick to set hours. This can be a problem is someone wants to fit in their therapy sessions within their daily routine.

Due to the limitations from getting a CBT therapist through the public health system in the UK, it can be a much better option to consult with a private CBT therapist. A private CBT therapist can much better accumulate to the schedule of the patient. What’s more, the patients can also select among many CBT therapist can then choose the one they personally prefer.

Lastly, there are often no guarantees in regards to the qualifications of a public CBT therapist. Private CBT therapists are more likely certified, that the patient knows they can get the qualified help they are seeking.

If you want to see CBT therapists in London, there are several options. You can find one by going through the yellow books or doing some research on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before you choose your CBT therapist.


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