Dry Riser Testing?

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Maybe you don’t know what dry riser testing is. But if you own a business, more so if you should own a commercial building it’s likely you will come across the issue of dry riser testing at some point.

dry riser- inletLet me explain. In the UK, fire standards and safety regulations are fortunately rather strict.

Among those regulations for increased fire safety is the requirement that commercial buildings that exceed a certain height are equipped with what’s called a dry riser system.

A dry riser system, simply spoken is a system of pipes,  inlets and outlets that allows the fire brigade to connect a water hose to distribute water all throughout a building in the case of a fire.

However, just having a dry riser system installed is not all there is to it. What important is that those systems also need to be tested for proper function in regular intervals. And this is exactly what dry riser testing is about. (Think about it, what use would such a system have if it would fail in the event of a fire because it hadn’t been maintained properly?)

Obviously, it needs specialists to perform this type of testing. This is not something the average person or the business owner can do for themselves. So what this means is that the owner of a commercial building will have to get in touch with fire safety experts who can do the dry riser testing. Most of the time, it may even be the same company that is installing the system respectively they can give you the information who in your area can do the testing.

On a related note, fire safety in the UK must really be taken seriously if you happen to be a business owner. If your business fails to adhere to those regulations it can mean steep fines. In severe cases you could even lose your business license. So if you’re a business owner it can be a good idea if you make yourself familiar with your local fire regulations.

This Wikipedia page can be a good start if you want to learn about dry riser systems and how they work.

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