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Moving Tips To Reduce Stress When You Move

Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2015 in Tips

Lifehacker in this very helpful Guide For Moving To A New Place says that “moving sucks” but I want to entirely disagree!

moving-tipsFor me, moving is almost always a very positive thing.

There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new home and then to decide about where to put your furniture, exploring your new neighborhoods or constantly being reminded that your new place is so much better and nicer than the one you had previously.

Moving really only “sucks” if you do it ill-prepared.

Even if you do the majority of moving work yourself, if you take your time and spread it out or invite some friends it can actually be an entertaining and exciting thing to do and of course it will be much less work than doing everything on your own.

My friend Jeff from Removals Bristol gave me the tip to always ask the removal firms what type of packages they offer.

He said “Ask the movers ahead whether they have an “all-in-one” package which normally includes the packing, packing materials and the actual transport and how much it will be if you do the packaging instead. Know that if you do the packing you have to add the costs for materials such as cardboard boxes and wrapping paper! Then, sit down and calculate how much you would save if you pack yourself as compared to if the firm does all this for you.”

The reason Jeff gave me this tip is that the price differences there can be significant. So if you research a bunch of movers several weeks ahead of your move it can be a very good idea!

Last but not least, never let a move stress you out. The better you plan and the more time you take for the move, the higher the chances everything will go smoothly!

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